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About Vivvi™

Wherever you are, we’re just where you need us.

We’re reinventing child care and early learning for today’s families.

Early childhood is the most impactful time period for education, both for children and for their families. While 90% of brain development occurs before the age of 5, the options for care and learning available have historically missed the mark and forced families to make heartbreaking choices between their careers and child care. That’s why we built Vivvi: to create an early childhood experience that aligns the exceptional quality families deserve, with the flexibility they need.

We’re meeting parents where they are.

Parents are physically and emotionally in a lot of places at once. Vivvi provides care and learning that works with families’ lives, including extended hours and flexible enrollment options.

There are no insignificant moments in a child’s day. Through real-time communications like messaging, pictures, and videos, we help parents feel connected to their children by celebrating moments big and small.

We’re building a place where
everyone grows together.

The Vivvi Learning Model fosters children’s innate curiosity about the world around them. Our bright, open spaces encourage play and exploration, and our experienced and trained teachers draw on their knowledge of child development to encourage children to seek the answers to their own questions.

Teachers also benefit from our model, with hands-on curriculum development and opportunities for professional growth through our network of schools. Vivvi is a place where teachers, parents, and children learn together every day.

We’re helping companies
support their people.

Child care is the most impactful benefit employers can invest in for their people and themselves, with an ROI that can be measured and a cultural impact that can be felt. Vivvi partners with companies to provide the highest quality programs with unparalleled flexibility, and leverages government subsidies to reduce the cost of every dollar invested by up to 75%.

By providing the benefit that working families care about most, Vivvi helps companies drive recruiting, retention, and productivity and lead the new world of work.

Experience the Vivvi™ difference for yourself.

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