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Childcare in the US is a crisis, and Covid has made it even more challenging. By offering care and learning as a benefit, you can expect to see a 49% average reduction in turnover and a 30% reduction in absenteeism. Retention, recruiting & productivity enhancements generate $630k in measurable savings for a group of just 10 parents, and $75,000 in savings to each employee over the course of their enrollment. This represents a 30X ROI.

A Vivvi team member will work with your HR team to deliver a Benefits Launch Toolkit for you to deploy at your company. The Toolkit will include customized marketing material to share with families, a private website resource page, and the opportunity to coordinate group or individual info sessions between Vivvi and employees. Vivvi can work directly with employees to assist with enrollment and set families up for success.

Vivvi sends regular reports to our partners about usage as well as regularly collecting and sharing feedback from parents.

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