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4 Engaging Spring Art Activities For Toddlers to Enjoy

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Looking for ways to keep your toddlers entertained this season? These four spring art activities for toddlers will do the trick!

At Vivvi, we love the spring season. Seeing the sunshine and flowers blooming really makes us feel refreshed after a long winter hibernating indoors. Many wonderful things are happening in nature right now that will put a smile on any person’s face. And what better way to welcome the start of spring with your children than doing some spring art activities for toddlers? 

Welcome Spring With Fun Springtime Activities

Spring is such a fun and exciting time for curious little minds. With endless indoor and outdoor springtime activities to explore, your child will have plenty to keep them engaged this season. As we all know, spring brings many learning opportunities for young children. And one of the best ways to teach our children about this season is through activities. 

Arts and crafts for kids are an essential part of early learning. These activities encourage toddlers to enjoy open play while also helping them to develop essential cognitive, social-emotional, and motor skills. They are also great for holding your little busy one’s attention. 

So, if you are looking for ways to get your child excited for the coming months, spring art activities for toddlers are the way to go.

Best Spring Art Activities for Toddlers to Enjoy

 A little girl sitting at a table doing arts and crafts

We know a few things about keeping toddlers engaged and entertained through springtime activities. Here are some of our favorite spring art activities for toddlers that all families can enjoy. We can guarantee that you’ll love them so much that you’ll be doing these activities every season.

  1. Coffee Filter Butterflies

Butterflies are one of our favorite creatures. These beautiful insects start to flutter their wings again during the spring months and add a pop of color wherever they go. So, why not add a bit of their magical quality to your home by making coffee filter butterflies.

This simple and easy craft activity is suitable for all ages. You will need white coffee filters, watercolor paints, pipe cleaners, and paintbrushes. Lay the coffee filters on a flat surface, get your toddler to pick their favorite colors, and then it’s time to go wild. 

Once the butterflies have been painted, leave the filter to dry and pinch it in the middle. Fold the pipe cleaner in half and slot the coffee filter in the middle. Twist the pipe cleaner a few times, and voila, you have the butterflies’ antennas. 

  1. 3D Caterpillar

Spring is the perfect time to talk to your child about different types of insects and creatures that live in nature. And a 3D caterpillar is one of many wriggly spring art activities for toddlers that will be sure to go down a treat. 

You’ll need red and green paper, glue, scissors, and googly eye stickers. Using the red sheet of paper, cut out the caterpillar’s head. Your toddler can give the caterpillar eyes and a big grin with a black marker. Measure out a quarter of the green paper and draw a vertical line. 

Starting at that line, you’ll draw approximately 20 horizontal lines across. You will then cut along the horizontal lines until you meet the vertical line. Once the strips are cut, fold them back past the vertical line. Make a crease and unfold the strip. Now, you will glue the end of each strip and loop them over to meet the other side of the paper. This will leave you with a looped tunnel. 

Lastly, glue the caterpillar’s head to the side of the looped tunnel, and you have yourself one springy, wiggly 3D caterpillar. 

  1. Egg Carton Flowers

Spring wouldn’t be complete without beautiful flowers of shapes, sizes, and colors. Decorating your home with fresh flowers is one way of getting your child involved in springtime activities for toddlers. But, how about you make your own?

Egg carton flowers are one of many fun spring art activities for toddlers and will be sure to make them smile. You will need egg cartons, acrylic paint, pom-poms, glue, paper straws, and scissors. Cut out four containers from the egg carton. Next, your toddler will paint each container with their favorite colors. These will be the flower’s petals. 

Once the paint is dry, attach the paper straw to the back of the egg carton containers. This will be the flower stem. Last but not least, get your toddler to choose a colored pom-pom and stick it to the center of the painted egg carton. There you have it, a beautiful spring egg carton flower. 

  1. Paper Plate Bird

Papercraft is another excellent springtime activity for toddlers. This paper plate bird will make a great addition to your home. Your toddler will need a paper plate, paint, paintbrush, colored feathers, colored paper, and googly eyes. 

First, your toddler will paint the paper plate with any color they desire. Let the paint dry and then cut the paper plate in half and glue your chosen feathers onto the plate. Grab some colored paper, cut thin strips from each color, and glue them to the end of the plate. This will be the bird’s tail feathers. 

Next, cut a small square of yellow paper and fold it in half to make a beak. Finish off by gluing both the beak and googly eyes to the paper plate. And voila, your toddler has their very own paper plate bird. 

At Vivvi, we love encouraging your child to explore their creativity through art, especially during spring. Our early learning model embraces arts and crafts as part of our daily curriculum. For more information about our learning model or to book a tour of our NYC campuses, get in touch with the Vivvi team today. 

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