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My Vivvi Family: Anna

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Introducing the families who make up our Vivvi Community.

Vivvi was created for families, by families—and family is at the heart of everything Vivvi does.

Child care and early learning means something different to everyone. We value that, and our team works endlessly to support each Vivvi family with exactly what they need to thrive developmentally, educationally, and emotionally.

Introducing the families who make up our Vivvi Community

Anna, Teacher
Children: Marlowe (3.5) and Kellan (15-months)

Anna was nervous about transitioning her daughter Marlowe from her full-time care at home to a formal child care setting. Letting go was difficult, but Anna said Vivvi made the transition easier.

“The first day I dropped Marlowe off I cried. It was the first time I was leaving her with anyone other than a family member,” she said. “But her teacher sent me a message that day, and it was so thorough, thoughtful and detailed. It calmed me. It filled me. Every day I look forward to picking her up and hearing about her day.”

Child care wouldn’t have been possible for Anna’s family without employer subsidization. Vivvi is proud to partner with many companies to provide high quality child care and early learning as a benefit for their working parents.

“We were at a challenging financial standpoint. I reached out to our head of HR and found out I wasn’t alone: a lot of us needed child care,” Anna said. When her employer made the decision to offer child care as a benefit through Vivvi, she continued, “the message I got was ‘We hear you, we feel you, we see you.’ It was such validation.”

As a teacher, Anna appreciates the education and developmental attention her children receive at Vivvi.

“As an educator, I know the relationship I have with my students. As a mother, I feel so much more of an appreciation knowing my children are getting that care from their Vivvi teachers,” she said. “It means everything to know that I don’t have to worry about my kids, and I can work and get that done, and I can safely pick them up. It’s such peace of mind.”

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