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Find us where your two worlds meet: work and life.

The Vivvi™ Difference


Our passionate and highly trained teachers provide world-class child care and early learning.


Our program works for working parents, with extended hours, year-round schedules, and flexible enrollment options.

Leading Health
& Safety

Our campuses and faculty are committed to the highest standards to protect those in our care.

Vivvi™ Learning

The Vivvi learning model fosters the joy of learning through play and themes inspired by children’s curiosity.



Our infant program is individualized to support each baby’s growth and prioritizes exploration in a safe and loving environment.



Toddlers acquire knowledge through active exploration. Our teachers facilitate growth by introducing structure as well as encouraging independent curiosity.



Children’s curiosity is a powerful catalyst for learning. Our teachers design an ever-changing curriculum that aligns their interests with age-appropriate development.


Each one of our spaces has been purposefully designed to incorporate specialized areas that animate our curriculum & philosophy.

Vivvi™ Faculty

Vivvi is brought to life by passionate teachers with years of experience who foster children’s curiosity, development, and a love of learning.

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